Inspired By The Giants

Meet Debut Author Tracy Sumner

Readers are talking about Tracy Sumner’s debut, Carolina Rose, set in her native South Carolina. Subversion managed to catch up with Tracy before she started packing up her belongings for a move to Utah—a long way from home and a long way from favorite city, Chicago.

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Subversion: What was your inspiration for Carolina Rose?

Tracy Sumner: Gone With The Wind and Margaret Mitchell, Vows by LaVyrle Spencer (the first romance I ever read), Stephen King. Any great book—Anna Karenina, A Separate Peace, A Knight In Shining Armor. Oh, so many—romance and other genres—Jane Austen. If you love to write, or it nags at you, any great piece of writing will inspire. No particular inspiration for Adam and Charlie’s story—they just sort of popped into my head.

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