Narrowing the Field

Introducing Falcon

Whether we like it or not, romance readers are stereotyped. Despite being well-acquainted with the image, we at Subversion have yet to meet a single reader who fits the popular image of a romance reader (okay, maybe there are a few out there who nibble on chocolate while reading …).

However, we can cite countless examples of readers who don’t fit the stereotype — we call them Subversives. Read on to learn more about our favorite Subversives.

Name: Falcon
Profession: Sales & Marketing Executive
Residence: Southern California
Age group: 40-50
How long have you been reading romance: 29 years

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Living The Dream

Alice Duncan on Humor and Writing Full-Time

Alice Duncan packed up her bags, dogs, and computer, and moved to Roswell, New Mexico to concentrate on writing full-time. And while Roswell offers a writer many advantages – solitude, a relatively inexpensive lifestyle, UFOs – it’s missing a component that Alice considers critical: ethnic food.

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After all, the fastest way to convince Alice to talk about her life and work is to bribe her with … oh, Indian food.

Writing full-time means that Alice must be prolific, which suits her perfectly. But, as she notes, “I write fast and I’m not Nora Roberts, and nobody would buy five Alice Duncan books in a year.” So, in addition to writing under her own name, Alice also publishes romances as Rachel Wilson and Emma Craig. Conveniently, Rachel and Emma share the same wry sense of humor and light style as Alice, mainly because she doesn’t do “a lot of angst.”

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