Ghosts and Vampires and Witches … Oh My

ImaJinn Launches Line Aimed Toward The Paranormal Reader

Fans of paranormal romance frequently lament the decreasing numbers of titles being published in their favorite subgenre. It seems that an author of these books felt the same way. ImaJinn Books, a new publisher of New Age, or “Other Worldly” Romance will launch in October, 1999 with three titles which provide a representative sample of the types of books they will publish. Their launch month books are: A Love Through All Tim e by Jean Nash; Cupid: The Amorous Arrow by J.M. Jeffries; and Dreamsinger by J.A. Ferguson. Future releases include titles from favorite authors like Nancy Gideon.

ImaJinn (pronounced Imagine) Books was founded by Linda Kichline (a.k.a. Carin Rafferty), who wrote the witch and warlock trilogy Touch of Night, Touch of Magic, and Touch of Lightning for Topaz Books. An avid reader of New Age romance herself, Linda was disappointed to see the market for these books dwindling, and the mail she received from her readers indicated they were just as disappointed. Linda decided to start ImaJinn Books and specialize in this area of romance fiction to fulfill both her and her readers’ wishes for more New Age romance. When asked how she came up with the name ImaJinn, Linda said she wanted a name that was magical and would reflect the type of books she wanted to publish. If you break down the word ImaJinn, you come up with “I’m a Jinn.” She says genies are about as magical as you can get.

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The Consummate Reader

Introducing Kathy Boswell

Whether we like it or not, romance readers are stereotyped. Despite being well-acquainted with the image, we at Subversionhave yet to meet a single reader who fits the popular image of a romance reader (okay, maybe there are a few out there who nibble on chocolate while reading …). However, we can cite countless examples of readers who don’t fit the stereotype — we call them Subversives. Read on to learn more about our favorite Subversives.

Name: Kathy Boswell
Profession: Homemaker to a husband and three children and part time medical transcriptionist
Residence: Beaufort, South Carolina
Age group: 40ish

How long have you been reading romance?
I’ve been reading romance since I was 12. I cut my teeth on Barbara Cartland and then graduated up to Kathleen Woodiwiss, Rosemary Rodgers and Shirlee Busbee in the 1970’s.
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Big Hands and Tight Jeans

Alison Kent On The Male Psyche and To-Die-For Heroes

Interview by Kassia Krozser

Alison Kent is known to her fans as the creator of steamy heroes and even steamier romances. Her latest Harlequin Temptation furthers that image as Alison tells the story of a woman and the four (yep, four) men who love her.

In real life, Alison is newly wed to her own romance hero, is the mother of three, and lives in a suburb of Houston. She’s been writing for ten years with her first book, written under the name Michaila Callan, published in 1993. In addition to her Alison Kent titles, she’s also writing for the new Zebra Bouquet line as Michaila Callan.

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