Stranger In A Strange Land

Linda Francis Lee on Contrasting Civilizations

Interview by Kassia Krozser

Author Linda Francis Lee, a native Texan now calling New York City home, is the author of nine historical romances. Doves’s Way is Lee’s stunning new novel, an extraordinary tale of redeeming love.

Lee’s career truly began with the publication of Blue Waltz, which has been viewed as a breath-through novel. The Atlanta Journal/Constitution called it “an absolutely stunning story . . .

“I wanted to write a book about someone who steps into a world that is completely foreign to her. A stranger in a strange land.”

” Subversion: Tell us a bit about Dove’s Way.

Linda Francis Lee: Dove’s Way is the first book in the Hawthorne Brothers Trilogy. It is the story of the middle son, Matthew Hawthorne, who saves Finnea Winslet’s life on a train in Africa, linking them together in ways neither of them want, but can’t deny. This is brought home when Matthew and Finnea meet again in the very proper confines of Boston Society, where she wants to fit in, and he no longer can given the scandal that had sent him to Africa in the first place.

S: What inspired Dove’s Way?

LFL: I wanted to write a book about someone who steps into a world that is completely foreign to her. A stranger in a strange land. At the time, I was reading a great deal about Africa, and I was mesmerized by its harsh, unforgiving beauty. But rather than take an outsider to Africa, I got excited about taking a woman who had been born in Boston, but raised in the African Congo by her wanderlust father, and returning her to Boston. On the outside, she looks like she belongs. But in truth, she knows nothing about these people and their strict and proper ways. I wanted to bring the beauty and freeness of Africa to a rigid Boston society–and see what happened. As you might imagine, the transition is a bumpy one. To try to lessen the bumps, Finnea Winslet turns to Matthew Hawthorne, who had saved her life in Africa.

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A Day In The Life

Lori Foster on Being an “Ordinary Writer”

Interview by Kassia Krozser

Lori Foster published her first book in January of 1996. Her second book launched the Harlequin Temptation Blaze subseries. Since then, she’s published 15 books (with 26 sold), including two single titles and several novellas.

Lori also does frequent articles for Writer’s Digest, articles for the online writers’ colony, Painted Rock, and has a bi-monthly column in RWR interviewing romance editors. She regularly presents workshops to her local chapter and at various conferences, including RWA National. Though Lori loves writing, her first priority will always be her family. She and her husband have been together since high school, and her three sons, all humorous, handsome, and honorable fellows, are quickly following in their father’s footsteps.

Subversion: Your new Harlequin book (with the spiffy multi-word title) is In Too Deep. Can you tell us something about this story?

Lori Foster: Yeah, isn’t that cool that I’ve advanced from the one-worders? <G> They were fun while they lasted.

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