The Consummate Reader

Introducing Kathy Boswell

Whether we like it or not, romance readers are stereotyped. Despite being well-acquainted with the image, we at Subversionhave yet to meet a single reader who fits the popular image of a romance reader (okay, maybe there are a few out there who nibble on chocolate while reading …). However, we can cite countless examples of readers who don’t fit the stereotype — we call them Subversives. Read on to learn more about our favorite Subversives.

Name: Kathy Boswell
Profession: Homemaker to a husband and three children and part time medical transcriptionist
Residence: Beaufort, South Carolina
Age group: 40ish

How long have you been reading romance?
I’ve been reading romance since I was 12. I cut my teeth on Barbara Cartland and then graduated up to Kathleen Woodiwiss, Rosemary Rodgers and Shirlee Busbee in the 1970’s.

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What was the first romance you read and how did that trigger your interest in the genre?
The first ‘real’ romance that I read was The Flame and The Flower by Kathleen Woodiwiss and I thought ‘WOW, this is my kind of reading!’ I still have that copy of that book too. It’s tattered and torn but I hang on to it for sentimental reasons, I guess.

How many romances do you read/month?
I can polish off a Harlequin/Silhouette in a day and a single title romance in two days so generally I read anywhere from 3 to 5 books a week. It’s just according to how much my kids leave me alone. LOL

Favorite books/authors?
I guess my favorite genre is time travel/paranormal/ghost, those books with a twist. I have too many favorite authors to list just one or two.

Favorite storyline?
I love stories where there’s a bit of a mystery that has to be solved.

Favorite scene?
My favorite scene is where the hero/heroine realize they are soul mates and can’t live without each other.

Other genres read?
I love to read mystery and some science fiction.

When do you find time to read?
I am lucky because I only have a part time job so I can read some during the day. I take a book with me everywhere and I’m a very fast reader.

What one book would you give to someone who you’re trying to get to read romance?
I know this isn’t classified as romance (though I beg to differ) but I would say The Starry Child by Lynn Hanna. You know how some books just give you goose bumps. This book did that for me. My dear friend Mary Hyatt who lives in California even sent me an autographed copy of this book. Lynn signed it in Gaelic for me!

Other than reading, any other romance-related activities?
Well, I am dabbling in writing a contemporary romance but it’s slow going. I also love to collect autographed romance books, back lists of my favorite authors (you should see the books in my house) and email and chat with authors!

I also write reviews of books that I read and enjoy for a good friend of mine who has a web page called Romance and Friends. I do this because it’s a lot fun for me. She also talked me into doing an interview for July. I interviewed Amy J. Fetzer because she lives here in Beaufort.

Have you ever converted a non-(romance) believer?
Yes, you won’t believe it but I’ve gotten my brother to read and enjoy romance. He returned the favor by talking me into trying Science Fiction!

Hobbies/Other interests?
Trying new seafood recipes. I do live on the coast (grin). I am also having fun writing a young adult science fiction time travel book for my son. He says there aren’t enough good books like that for him to read. It will probably never be published but I’m having fun writing it and he’s having fun reading and critiquing it for me. My three children love books and reading as much as I do. They each have bookcases in their rooms that are groaning under the weight of all their books.