Ghosts and Vampires and Witches … Oh My

ImaJinn Launches Line Aimed Toward The Paranormal Reader

Fans of paranormal romance frequently lament the decreasing numbers of titles being published in their favorite subgenre. It seems that an author of these books felt the same way. ImaJinn Books, a new publisher of New Age, or “Other Worldly” Romance will launch in October, 1999 with three titles which provide a representative sample of the types of books they will publish. Their launch month books are: A Love Through All Tim e by Jean Nash; Cupid: The Amorous Arrow by J.M. Jeffries; and Dreamsinger by J.A. Ferguson. Future releases include titles from favorite authors like Nancy Gideon.

ImaJinn (pronounced Imagine) Books was founded by Linda Kichline (a.k.a. Carin Rafferty), who wrote the witch and warlock trilogy Touch of Night, Touch of Magic, and Touch of Lightning for Topaz Books. An avid reader of New Age romance herself, Linda was disappointed to see the market for these books dwindling, and the mail she received from her readers indicated they were just as disappointed. Linda decided to start ImaJinn Books and specialize in this area of romance fiction to fulfill both her and her readers’ wishes for more New Age romance. When asked how she came up with the name ImaJinn, Linda said she wanted a name that was magical and would reflect the type of books she wanted to publish. If you break down the word ImaJinn, you come up with “I’m a Jinn.” She says genies are about as magical as you can get.

After their launch month, ImaJinn plans to publish one to two New-Age romances every other month (October, December, February, April, June, and August). If reader demand is high, they will increase publication to one to two books a month. The books will be fast-paced, action-packed romances involving ghosts, psychics and/or psychic phenomena, witches, vampires, werewolves, angels, reincarnation, futuristic in space or on other planets, futuristic on earth, time travel to the past, present and future, and any other type of story that would fall into the New Age category. They will also publish some exciting New Age fiction that has a strong romantic story line but is not a traditional romance. The sensual ratings of their books will range from sweet to very sensual, and the story tone will range from light-hearted to very dark. Story length will run between 50,000–100,000 words.

ImaJinn books will be trade paperback size with the average cost will running between $6.50 and $9.95. Books will be sold by mail order and over the Internet via the Imajinn website at Books should also be available through major distributors, although Linda suggests that, in the early days of the publisher, readers may have to ask their book store to order the books from the distributor or directly from ImaJinn. Readers who wish to receive notices of ImaJinn‘s upcoming releases should contact the publisher by e-mail, mail or phone.

Authors who wish to submit a manuscript to ImaJinn Books should request a tip sheet or submit a query letter and a five-page, double-spaced synopsis. All requests, including queries, may be made by e-mail or by mail. If contacting by mail, use the following address:

Linda Kichline
ImaJinn Books
PO Box 162
Hickory Corners, MI 49060-0162
Phone: (877) 625-3592