Brave New World

Romance Authors on the Cutting Edge of Publishing

As the world of traditional publishing begins to appear bleaker and bleaker from the perspective of romance writers (and quite often from the perspective of romance readers seeking more variety from the genre), the future looks very bright indeed for authors who publish electronically.

Ginny McBlain, President of EPIC, says “[t]wo years ago a well known agent spoke on electronic rights at the RWA conference in Dallas. At that time, he didn’t think authors need concern themselves with electronic rights before the year 2000. Just this week, EPIC has learned that this
same agent is advising all of us to be very careful about retaining our electronic rights.”

While sales currently appear to be “slow but steady” according to Electronically Published Internet Connection (“EPIC”) vice-president and e-author Marilyn Grall, she and other authors (both traditionally published and e-published) believe the industry is on the verge of exploding. Sales of electronic books are poised to increase dramatically with the advent of handheld readers such as NuvoMedia’s Rocket eBook, and those increased sales mean more opportunity for authors. Continue reading