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Mary Jo Putney on Mad Heroines and Other Favorite Themes

Mary Jo Putney fans generally have only one quibble with the author: the wait between new books. Long-time fans actually envy newcomers who have yet to discover the joys of the entire Putney catalog. Luckily for fans new and old five Mary Jo Putney titles are scheduled to hit bookstores in the coming year. Readers will be treated to everything from a reprint of her rare first novel, a Regency, to Putney’s first contemporary — something for just about every mood.

First up from the desk of the award winning author is The Wild Child, a story that Mary Jo describes (not necessarily tongue-in-cheek) as “your basic mad heroine and imposter fiancĂ© story”.

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Subversion: You describe The Wild Child as “your basic mad heroine and impostor fiancĂ© story”. Can you tell us a little more about this one?

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