Who’s That Lady?

The Many Sides of Author Nancy Gideon

Nancy Gideon cheerfully cops to her “split personality”. After all,
it’s a trait that has allowed her to publish nearly 40 stories since her debut in 1987. Currently, it’s alter ego Rosalyn West who’s in the spotlight with her The Men of Pride County series published by Avon Books. The third book in the series, The Rebel, is now
available with the fourth, The Pretender, due in June, 1999.

“Sometimes, it’s hard to remember to set
aside time to write!”

The series, set in the post-Civil War United States, allows Gideon to indulge her love of history while tackling tough issues relating to the aftermath of the war. She notes that this difficult period in history provided her “the opportunity to contrast differences…North and South, past glories versus future changes, and the struggle love goes through to find a common ground.” Exploring these conflicts “led to infinite possibilities for characters to display strength, courage and emotional growth.” Continue reading