TBB’s, TBR’s, and Glomming: Celebrate Romance! 1999

Old Friends Meet for the First Time at Gathering for Readers and Authors

For readers of romance novels, the Internet is a dangerous place. Hazards range from author sites filled with tantalizing previews of upcoming novels, Amazon.com with its seductive “one-click” feature, and, most perilous of all, the discussion lists where tips for great reads are exchanged at lightning speed.

Registration for Celebrate Romance! must be received by April 30, 1999. For forms and details, visit the Celebrate Romance! website

Not only do the lists introduce readers to a whole new vocabulary (TBB, TBR, and other delightful acronyms) but they also bring together like-minded individuals from around the globe. Discussions are fast and furious, and it doesn’t take long before the others on the lists feel like old friends. Because good friends are naturally inclined to meet in person, it was logical progression for Celebrate Romance! to be conceived.

Celebrate Romance! is a gathering of on-line romance readers and authors, and the second annual celebration will be held from May 21 to May 23, 1999 in Philadelphia, PA. Those attending the conference will have an opportunity to sit down with favorite authors (many of whom they have already “met” on-line) and attend sessions relating to their hobby. Unlike other conferences, Celebrate Romance! is designed for readers – not writers.

The first Celebrate Romance! was held in Las Vegas. The move to Philadelphia came after on-line readers reached consensus on the location for the second gathering. Organizers and attendees, in recognizing the decentralized nature of the Internet, have determined that each gathering will be held in a different city, with an attempt to balance locations through the United States.

What can a reader expect from Celebrate Romance!? Well, first and foremost, the event is a gathering of good friends. Readers attending the conference talk to each other every day. Secondly, the gathering is structured so that sessions are hosted by readers and authors both. Stories about the creative process are interspersed with sessions on book hunting.

To that end, topics being covered formally and informally during the conference include:

  • Book Hunting: Stalking Hard-to-Find Titles
  • Organizing a Book Group
  • Managing an Ever Growing Library
  • Plots That Work (and those that don’t)
  • Supporting the Genre and Dispelling Myths About Romance Readers

The keynote speaker for the conference will be award-winning author, Jo Beverley. Other authors who will be speaking include: Lori Foster, Miranda Jarrett, Stephanie Mittman, Alice Orr, Mariah Stewart. In addition to leading sessions, these and other authors will be signing copies of their latest releases, which will be available for sale at the conference. For a list of other attending authors, visit the growing list at the Celebrate Romance! website.

Those attending the gathering will also be treated to a wide variety of gifts. Conference organizer Margie B. Wilhelm and her team of volunteers have gathered an impressive array of items for people to take home. And since the prizes include autographed books, rare titles, gift baskets, gift certificates, and other promotional items, conference attendees may want to consider packing an extra suitcase to haul goodies back home.

As an added bonus for conference attendees, a day to trip to Lancaster County has been planned for May 21. Those who choose to join this trip will visit an Amish farm, shop in a farmer’s market, and tour some of the most beautiful countryside in the nation. A special page has been set up at the Celebrate Romance! for more information.

For more information on the conference, visit the official Celebrate Romance! website or e-mail Margie B. Wilhelm for more information (please include the words “Celebrate Romance” in the subject line of your message).